Teaching and learning policy


FPS is a school where students…

Belong: every individual matters

Succeed: because we care

Grow: the future is yours

Belong We are a united international community. Parents, students and teachers alike, together we embrace diversity and welcome and care for each individual with tolerance and respect. We represent a big world on a small scale.


we celebrate our achievements. At FPS we believe in the potential and talents of all our students. By working together we encourage our students to challenge themselves to fulfill their potential in order to reach their personal goals. The measure of personal success is individually tailored to consider academic growth and personal development.


Education is a journey; we acknowledge where we have come from and where we are going. Here at FPS we prepare, inspire and enthuse young minds to take their place in a dynamic and challenging world and make a positive contribution to the future.

Aims and Objectives:

This teaching and learning policy is intended to promote consistency and high standards. We aim to provide a caring, supportive and stimulating environment with high quality teaching through which to foster:

• A high level of progress across the curriculum for all children regardless of their starting point

• An enquiring mind which wants to learn more each day

• Independent young people who are confident, flexible and able to cooperate with others

• Imagination and creative expression through a wide range of media

• Conscientious young citizens of our multi-cultural society who are tolerant and respect others’ values

• Pride in achievement and a desire to succeed

• Effective links between the school, the child and the child’s home which promote aspiration and high expectations

• Equality of opportunity for all

When you come into our school you will see…

• An environment that is conducive to learning

• Children and staff working together in a way that shows that they care about their school and each other

• Confident children who are happy and willing to share their experiences

• Displays that reflect the diversity of ability of the individual classes

• Children of all ages interacting and supporting one another through play and education

When you come into our classes you will see…

• Smiling faces and happy children

• A clearly structured and respectful start to the day or session

• Children and staff purposefully engaged in enjoyable learning activities

• Children supporting one another both academically and socially

• A neat and tidy learning environment

• Appropriately stored and clearly labelled resources that allow children to develop independence in resourcing their own learning

• Displays which support our learning

• Evidence of rewards gained by our pupils

• Our class charters clearly displayed

When children are learning you will see…

• That the teacher has a good understanding of the needs of each and every child and that these needs are met in each lesson.

• That the teacher responds to children’s work in a positive and developmental way

• Assessment opportunities built into the lesson –questioning and feedback given

• Attentive children who are clearly keen to learn and enthusiastic

• Children who are good listeners and ask appropriate and searching questions

• A desire and eagerness to learn about the fascinating world in which they live

• Children and staff engaged in meaningful dialogue about learning

• A variety of learning styles in use: -Whole Class Teaching – Work partners -Small group work – Listening – Discussion – Individual focused activities – Teamwork – Pupils experiencing a variety of learning styles, visual, kinaesthetic and auditory

• That the lesson is part of a well structured curriculum framework

• A clear learning objective

• That technology is used effectively

• That good use is made of additional staff to support children’s learning and their individual needs

• Differentiation of tasks and pace to cater for individual and group needs When people describe our school they will say that…

• Everybody knows everybody…each and every individual is a valued member of our school family

• Our children enjoy coming to school and enthuse about their learning

• This is a good school with helpful, hard working, kind, well-behaved and polite children

• All adults in school care for every individual and this is evident through all interaction