Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is a holistic and dynamic one that appreciates diversity and stresses the importance of opinions based on rational and informed premises rather that on superstition, emotion and insufficient understanding of issues. Emphasis is laid on creating a culture of thinking in the classroom and education is seen as a broad and complex process of acquiring both knowledge and understanding. We aspire to make our students aware of contemporary issues, both national and worldwide, and their personal role not only in developing an understanding of these issues but prompting a desire to translate that knowledge into active commitment and take steps, where possible, to bring about positive change in their environment.


The Faran Public School’s Vision is the reflection of what we have already achieved; in others it is how we would like to develop the School.

A  place where children express and achieve their full potential in  academic, creative, personal, physical, moral and spiritual development.

A nurturing environment where children and adults feel they are valued as individuals and contributors to the community.

A place where children learn respect for themselves ,others and the law .

A place where students learn tolerance integrity ,and cultural diversity in a united nation.