Principal’s Message

Saeeda Sultana (CEO/Principal)

Dear Parents,



It is with great pride that I am communicating you on this forum. Faran public school is run by team of highly dedicated, committed and professional staff to provide best possible of our children and help the school to continue to expand.

Children are great asset for country and parents. All parents wish to provide best education to their children for securing future of their children. Students are future and destiny of our country. FPS is providing quality educations. We are providing best opportunities to our students to strengthen their capabilities and bring out their inner potentialities.

We provide conducive learning environment to enhance mental abilities and physical growth of children. We aim at producing Fully groomed and wholesome personality of child. Character building on Islamic perspective is eminent feature of our education System. We provide religious education to students so that they become true Muslim.

Parents, students, teachers and management are four pillars of any education system. In order to ensure quality education all of them should work together and cooperate with each other to make successful child and prosperous society We believe that children will succeed through experiencing quality in,

*A broad balanced and challenging curriculum, sensitive to the needs of individual,

*A secure, respectful, caring and stimulating learning environment’

*Enriching program of extracurricular activities and visits,

*A rich varied and up to date range oflearning resources,

*innovative teaching and an investigative approach to learning,

*An ethos of support, encouragement and challenge to succeed,

*learning partnership between school home and the wider community.

We demonstrate our commitment to working as a learning community by,

*Respecting the individual but working collaboratively towards common goals with shared learning outcomes;

*Constantly monitoring and evaluating progress endeavoring to become a self-evaluating school,

*striving for continuous improvement in all that we do.