Junior Montessori

Faran Public School’s Montessori programme which comprises of curriculum that focuses on early years of child development. Faran Public School thematic Montessori is the combination of Montessori philosophy and early year’s pedagogy. Faran Public School have designed this program by considering national & International factors. Children are capable and competent to build deep understandings when they learn through all senses and are offered choice in their learning experiences according to their desire. Our in-house material provides level wise workbook of each subject and guidelines are in form of subject wise curriculum to make the system unified.

Children learn best through the 3 E’s approach Exposure, Exploration & Expansion. Children’s positive dispositions to learning, and to themselves as learners, are essential for success in school and beyond.

Children learn best in environments where there are supportive relationships of the teachers, Branch heads and administrative staff.

Early childhood programs are most effective when they recognize, value and build upon the cultural and social experiences of children. Building continuity of learning as children move to and through school provides foundations for their future success. Assessment of young children is an integral part of the learning teaching process. Beyond the Class room activities are a very important part of our curriculum.

  1. For English & Urdu: Four areas are reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  2. For Mathematics essentials part is Mental Math’s, concept clarity, practice and application.
  3. General knowledge curriculum enhances child’s general knowledge through activities.

Primary School

Faran Public School’s primary programme which is based on curriculum of English, Science, Mathematics & Urdu that are stimulating for both students and teachers.
The knowledge and skills that will be developed can ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary schooling.

Suggested Schemes of Work helps to plan teaching. The Schemes of Work cover all the learning objectives in the Primary Curriculum Framework, providing a suggested teaching order as well as sample activities. Each Stage is split into a number of Units, which can be used as a starting point for producing lesson plans. Activities are suggested to suit local circumstances and resources. Faran Public School gives a world-class support for teachers through publications, online resources, training workshops and professional development.


Secondary School Certificate (SSC) is a recognized qualification and is a gateway for acquiring National and International education in colleges and universities in the country and abroad. The resulting qualification provides a foundation for higher level courses such as “FSC “, “BSC” OR “A” and “AS” Levels. Faran Public School offers SSC qualifications which caters to ages ranging from 13 to 16 years and only science combinations (Biology Group, Computer Science Group).

Eligibility for Admission

  1. The student will be tested in 5 subjects’ i.e. English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Computers. Admission is subject to securing 70% pass percentage in all the subjects.
  2. Students coming from schools affiliated with Examination Board other than Punjab or Federal have to provide NOC from the respective board.